Composer: Keynote
Lyricist: Keynote and Young Skeetch
Rapper: Young Skeetch
Monologues: Keynote
Background Vocals: Vickey White
Background Vocals: Keynote
Piano and Organ: Keynote
Drums: Keynote
Saxophones and Horns: Keynote
William White: Lead and Rhythm Guitars


Lyrics to Not a Big Dog (Trumpism)
Composer: Keynote
Lyricist: Keynote and Young Skeetch

This goes out to all the Trumpateers out there
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, John Bolton, Matt Whitaker, John Kelley, Ben Carson, Mick Mulvaney, Mike Pompeo, Steven Mnuchin, Kirsten Nielsen, Devin Nunes, Orin Hatch, John Cornyn, William Barr, Tom Cotton, Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence, Stephen King, Ben Ferguson, Lindsey Graham, Rick Santorum, Sean Spicer, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Kevin McCarthy, George Papadopolis, Rush Limbaugh, Paul Ryan, Kelly Ann Conway, Sean Hannity, Ann Colter and Steve Cortez. Just to name a few. And for all of the other Trump cronies out there that I didn’t mention, yawl know who you are.

We’re gonna tell you a story about our new president
Folks marvel thinking bout money republicans spent
Trumps afraid to see our enemies private or face to face
He rags on our friends and allies, (damn) this mans a disgrace
Stays surrounded by his lackeys sucking up on a regular
He don't care about minorities he's racist I’m telling yaw
thinks he's slick but he no trickey Dick he just a prick
try to pull the okeydokey he steps in his own shit
He won’t govern for all the people his base is his interest
He loves the white nationalist, religious right hypocrites
shut down the government over the wall He’s not sympathetic at all
He acts like a brat can't get what he wants
Where’s his grip at on reality what’s going thru his head
shit is fantasy reality he need to take his meds
thinks he's an expert on all and knows all solutions
What bout separation of powers or the constitution
He’ll cut off his own nose to spite his face
He'll shoot off his own nuts he's Lou in a way
He's being punke’d by Rush , Hannity and Coulter
And Kim Jong-un quick to play him like some poker
Vladimir Putin got that knife in his back
the most ignorant president when it comes to the facts

One of these days soon, Trump gonna find himself way down in the shitter.
He can't face the people, so he tells most of his lies and states policy on twitter
Trump’s trying to build a wall on land worked by black slaves
that the Colonist took from the Indians and Mexicans
This is the melting pot, when will these fools learn this lesson
Got all the white racist thinking he's the great white hope
If you can't hang with the big dogs get your ass off the porch

Trump’s jealous of Barrack as he can be but how can it be
He blames him for his pitfalls that Trump hasn't achieved
In the very near future Trump will have been relieved from his current position
Of course, you know he want like that transition
Republicans said Obama led from behind
Trump’s no leader but he got em in line
His administration is the most corrupt in history and mentally
he's kind of off his conflicts of interest that ain't no mystery
The leader of the Hall of shame ain't that his claim to fame
a con artist scammed his way in the game
there's a few things Trump could learn from Obama
Barrack was like cool hand Luke he is staying solid
He wouldn’t say a word seals were out casing Osama
U focused on the bull shit start handling the problems
What about the climate accords
The infrastructure fucked up this health care shit is hard to afford

As you see I am not a rapper, on this song
Young Skeetch spit my lyrics to bring it all along
I want to close this song out with this short monologue
Cause everybody knows Trump is not a big dog
I’m going to end up this set just like Clinton
No not Bill or Hillary but just like George.
Hats off to the honest and patriotic republicans: George Conway, John kasich, Bill Crystal, Mitt Romney, RIck Wilson, Anna Navarro, Max Boot and Tara Setmayer.
For this of you who would take a second look
it seems to be pretty evident that Trump is a crook.
Step Down POTUS.

Trumpism, Nepotism, Narcissism