1. Uniformed God

Composer: Skoonie
Lyricist: Laid Lucci
Beats and grove: Skoonie
Vocals: Laid Lucci
Guitar: William White


Lyrics to Uniformed God
Composer: Skoonie
Lyricist: Laid Lucci

They say the devil is now showing his horns;
Hiding behind a badge and a blue uniform;
See I was told to walk into the light as a sign of peace and clarity
that I walk into the heavens;
But these red and blue lights that's existing
has me seeing visions that my life could possibly be ending;
By this officer who's posing as a victim;
But he will get the accolades because he is supposed to serve and protect;
Saying I'm not supposed to be here
so hands are cuffed behind my back with his knee in my neck;
Telling me don't move or I'll shoot not asking for ID or proof
that I'm a resident in this neighborhood,
a citizen of the U.S. but he labels me as a threat;
Calling for backup insinuating that I might act up
even though I'm already restrained
wrist bleeding in excruciating pain
Oxygen not getting to my brain
losing consciousness calling out my mama name;
Spectators looking on
videoing my demise through their camera phones;
For years I've lived in hell on earth
but at the hands of this uniformed god
it was his decision to choose my faith through racism and hate;
Leaving my family to grieve without me
as he's placed on administrative leave with pay;
If these are the ways of the world
then theirs got to be better way;