Composer: William White
Lyricist: Keynote and Laid Lucci
Trumpet: Troy Hansen
Vocals: Laid Lucci
Keyboards: William White
Drums: William White


Lyrics to Time Marches On (Pandemics):
If we knew better, we would do better
There's strength in numbers
And we as a people, its time
Its time to pray for peace, time to pray for change
Cause the ways of the world is doing more damage than uplifting
We gotta change our ways, change ourselves
Now ride with me, vibe with me as we march on through this peaceful journey
Death and devastation is all around
Primarily affecting the red, yellow, black and brown
While the World is on fire leaders are so political and selfish
Making it seems the people don’t matter
Corona virus or COVID-19, doesn’t play
Although some folks are doubtful and feeling like its wrong,
Thinking, that it really doesn't concern them until It reaches their home.
It’s a shame there are no plans or no accountability for the lives of our brothers and sisters. Even though our children compare as a fallen victim.
Getting the economies back going seems to be the primary concern.
Social distancing, seems to be working as we all had to learn.If everyone practices this we’ll have less concern.
And then George Floyd passes and the US continues to burn.
Everybody wearing mask to block the sneezing and the coughing.
Others use to loot and hide their true identities from the cops.
Salute to all of our real fellow citizens, service providers
and essential workers that are working around the clock nonstop
They are our real hero’s
Men and women of god they are our essential solders
Bloodshed on our American soil. Let me rephrase that
Our bloodshed covers American soil
America, America god shed his grace on me.
Cause this brotherhood who are not my brothers
For which we both supposed be in the land of the free, excludes me
The same trees that we plant as seeds are the same trees that are killing me
A rope around my neck or a knee that’s in my neck or a gun that’s pointed at my face
For you to put me in my place, telling me to go back to where I came from.
But I was born in the same place as you
So, if I'm not supposed to be here then you must too wear that same hat
Because your words apply to you too
European persuasion telling me to go back to a place I’ve never been
A place not too fond of American
Even though we share the same skin
I got my hands up yelling don't shoot
Like I surrender, who the hell am I surrendering to
The pride and the values instilled in me makes me comfortable with the skin I'm in
He without sin should throw the first stone
Judge not before you judge yourself
The verdict is out, and the tables have turned
We are people of peace
But understand this, I'm not a killer but don't push me.
I’m already too close to the edge
And I’ve seen the ledge way too many times
I come in peace but my heart is full of anger and pain
As we march in millions the world will remember our names
As time marches on, the seconds and the minutes fly.
it’s time to vote or die, especially if black lives matter
Let's give them the reason why. Yea, especially if black lives matter
Let's give them the reason why. Especially if black lives matter
Let’s give them the reason why. Yea especially if black lives matter
Let's give them the reason why.